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Making a Vehicle Assist Claim? VEHICLE CLAIM FORM


Making A Claim With Us

This form is to be used to notify us of a claim under a valid and active GAP Policy. For any other types of policy, please refer to the claim information listed on your policy schedule. Please answer ALL questions below, failure to do so may delay the processing of the claim for you.

Please note our office hours are:

Monday - Friday 09:00 - 5:00pm
Saturday - Closed (telephone answering service)
Sunday - Closed (telephone answering service)

Managing Your Claim Expectations

1. During this claims procedure you MUST NOT accept any settlement offer from your insurers without first consulting with the GAP insurer. The GAP insurer will be advised of your claim and will contact you.

2. If you accept an offer that is lower than valuation provided by the GAP insurer without their consultation and agreement, this may adversely affect the GAP payment you will receive.

3. A claim administration procedure must be completed before a settlement amount is agreed. We will process each claim as quickly as circumstances permit and the GAP insurer will keep you updated of the progress of the application. All claims have to be validated.

4. On completion and submission, your application enters our system automatically. Thereafter, all communication of the progress of the application will be by e-mail. Following submission of this form, we may need to confirm some additional points with you before the claim will be authorised. This must be by e mail to you.

5. FRAUDULENT CLAIMS : If a claim is made which you, an insured person or anyone acting on your or their behalf, knows is false, fraudulent or exaggerated in any material particular, the insurer will not authorise the claim and cover under this insurance will end immediately without any return of premium.

Cover Provided

Your are eligible for cover under this policy where your motor insurer accepts your claim and declares your vehicle a total loss, this insurance will pay valid claims for:

1. the difference between the amount your motor insurer pays you and the amount you originally paid for the insured vehicle or the agreed value of the insured vehicle (or the balance owed under a finance agreement, if this is greater); and
2. a hire vehicle (of a similar size to your insured vehicle) for up to 28 days while you are awaiting settlement of your claim. Excludes taxi and Couriers

Please see the section General Exclusions within your policy document for any exclusions that are not covered by your insurance policy.

Claims Form

Your Personal Details

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Your Policy Information

Please refer to your policy documentation.

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Your Vehicle Details

Tell us about your vehicle involved in the claim.

About The Incident

Tell us about the incident you have been involved with.

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Your Documentation

To validate your claim, you will also need to send us copies of the following documents to our address:

Claims - Sparta Group
Office 6 - Basepoint,
Bromsgrove Enterprise Estate
Isidore Road, Bromsgrove
B60 3ET


email your documents to ensuring you enter your policy reference in the subject line.

  • Vehicle insurer's offer letter showing a breakdown of the pre-accident value and amount of excess and/or any other deductions.
  • Copy of your motor insurance policy schedule showing fully comprehensive cover at the date of loss. – If you do not have the schedule, please ask your motor insurers to confirm in writing the policy holder name, any named drivers, the level of cover, vehicle registration and policy period (from & to).
  • Confirmation in writing of the vehicle insurer’s payment. This should detail who the payment was made to and the final amount that was paid, on company letterhead. – If you are receiving, or have received the payment by cheque, a copy of the cheque will be sufficient.
  • Copy of the vehicle sales invoice showing breakdown of costs. - You can obtain a copy of this from your selling dealer.
  • Finance settlement figure showing the balance payable at the date of loss. – You will need to contact your finance company for this.
  • Copy of the finance agreement.
  • Copy Of Driving Licence (Photo card if applicable & Counterpart).
  • Vehicle Registration Document (V5).
  • Completed Claim form (This will be sent to you after you submit your initial claim application)


Please read and confirm that the following statement is true:

1. I have completed this application to start my gap claim process and confirm that the information I have entered are factually true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

2. I confirm that I will not accept any settlement offer from my motor insurer without first consulting with the GAP Insurer.

3. I complete this declaration knowing that if any details found to be false or fraudulent, my application will be declined and my policy cancelled without a refund of the premium.

When you have completed all details on the form above, please click the 'Send Your Claim' button below. We will contact you by e-mail to advise you of the progress of the claim. Please be patient with the claims process and we will return to you as soon as possible.