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Making a Gap claim? GAP CLAIM FORM


Making A Claim With Us

This form is to be used to notify us if a claim under a Vehicle Assist Policy. For any other types of policy, please refer to the claim information listed on your policy schedule. Please answer ALL questions below, failure to do so may delay the processing of the claim for you.

Please note our office hours are:

Monday - Friday 09:00 - 5:00pm
Saturday - Closed (telephone answering service)
Sunday - Closed (telephone answering service)

Managing Your Claim Expectations

1. A claim administration procedure must be completed before a hire vehicle can be authorised. Because every claim is different, we can only provide an estimate on the length of time it will take to provide a vehicle from the point a claim is made with us. We will however process each claim as quickly as circumstances permit and will keep you updated by e-mail of the progress of the application. The replacement vehicle policy is not a guaranteed same day service. Whilst every effort will be made to authorise and arrange a vehicle as quickly as possible, all claims have to be validated and vehicle hire is subject to availability of vehicles in the geographical area concerned.

2. If your claim is approved, a vehicle will be provided to you for a period that must not exceed the period stated in your policy document. If the hire vehicle is retained beyond this period it will be at the hirers own expense.

3. Hirer must meet the age and licensing rules of the hire company selected and must follow any conditions of hire.

4. We will arrange the hire vehicle and choose the rental company for the hire. The policies do not allow for "like-for-like" models in type or size and will only provide a vehicle as per the agreement within your policy wording.

5. The vehicle rental conditions of some vehicle rental operators require the hirer to provide a credit or debit card as a security deposit. Once this card is authorised, the vehicle will be delivered with a full tank of fuel. Provided the vehicle is returned at the end of the agreed period with a full tank of fuel and no additional damage, the payment card will not be charged.

6. For Theft and damage related incidents, a full crime reference number must be obtained. Police forces typically provide a shortened 'incident number' which is not acceptable. As the insured victim you are entitled to be supplied a full crime reference number. This will be essential for your insurer to consider a payment in the event your vehicle is not recovered or recovered and written off. Theft victims should not complete this form without a full crime reference number as the application cannot proceed without it.

7. On completion and submission, your application enters our system automatically. Thereafter, all communication of the progress of the application will be by e-mail. Following submission of this form, we will need to confirm some additional points with you before the claim will be authorised for a hire vehicle. This must be by e mail to you. The quicker you act upon the points and reply to our emails, the sooner we will be able to authorise a vehicle.

8. FRAUDULENT CLAIMS : If a claim is made which you, an insured person or anyone acting on your or their behalf, knows is false, fraudulent or exaggerated in any material particular, the insurer will not authorise the claim for a hire vehicle and cover under this insurance will end immediately without any return of premium.

Cover Provided

• The policy will arrange and pay for a hire vehicle if the insured vehicle:

• is undriveable or is declared a total loss following theft, attempted theft, arson, vehicle interference or criminal damage; or

• is declared a total loss following a road traffic accident with another vehicle; or

• is involved in a road traffic accident with another vehicle that leaves the insured vehicle damaged but deemed repairable.

The Policy Covers

Incidents where the insured vehicle is undrivable or declared a total loss following:

The Policy does NOT Cover

Incidents where the insured vehicle is undrivable or declared a total loss following:

Eligibility Requirements

Your are eligible for cover under this policy provided:

1. You have comprehensive or third party fire and theft insurance in-place for the Insured Vehicle; and
2. the Insured Vehicle is not a motorcycle or registered for private hire or as a hackney carriage.

Claims Form

Your Personal Details

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Your Policy Information

Please refer to your policy documentation.

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Your Vehicle Details

Tell us about your vehicle involved in the claim.

About The Incident

Tell us about the incident you have been involved with.

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Email from insurer confirming?

Where a vehicle is involved in an incident resulting in it to be a likely write off, the policy requires sight of the confirmation email from your insurer before the claim can proceed to arranging a vehicle. As the insured, your insurer will send you an email confirming the write off.

This e mail should be forwarded to

Repairing Garage

Tell us about the garage where your vehicle is being repaired (if applicable).


Please read and confirm that the following statement is true:

1. I have completed this application for a hire vehicle and confirm that the information I have entered are factually true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

2. I complete this declaration knowing that if any details found to be false or fraudulent, my application for a hire vehicle will be declined and my policy cancelled without a refund of the premium.

When you have completed all details on the form above, please click the 'Send Your Claim' button below. We will contact you by e-mail to advise you of the progress of the claim. Please be patient with the claims process and we will return to you as soon as possible.